The Gabinete de Atendimento à Família - GAF (Family Assistance Office) is a charitable institution created on May 24th, 1994, by the Order of Carmelite Fathers of Viana do Castelo, which works with individuals and families suffering from exclusion. July 26th, 1996 saw the creation of the Day Center, with occupational workshops, in order to foster social inclusion through the development of skills that facilitate personal, family and occupational integration.

February 2002 saw the emergence of the “Oficinas” concept as one of the components of workshops, bearing in mind the simulation in an actual work context for users of this space.

In May 2011, “Oficinas” also developed products under MIMUS, a brand name of the institution, which markets Social Solidarity Products and Services.

From January 2012, the work team has adjusted to new market realities and to its demands, while providing an outsourcing service for creative workshops seeking to develop projects using our resources.


At a time when the international trade of industrialized countries monopolizes commercial transactions, the social work undertaken at the GAF Workshops provides a work hinged on fairer and more equitable principles: The production and marketing of our products aim to improve user self-esteem so as to make them independent.